Tonic Magazine - Volume 3

Tonic Magazine - Volume 3

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Susan Schwartz goes badass, telling us the story of Margie Samuels, the lady whose creative ideas made Makers Mark Bourbon what it is today.

Bruce McMichael transports us back to 1830 to meet his Viennese ancestors, who knew a thing or two about beer.

We all love the sound of popping champagne corks, but some love to open their champagne with a cavalry sword. Lauren Jade Hill teaches us the history of Sabrage.

Sarah Warwick braves Canadian sub-zero temperatures to see how ice wine is produced.

Sir Rodric Braithwaite tells us what it was like to be a diplomat in the '60s, and Tim Bird takes us to Finland, where a drink was invented for the 1952 Finnish Olympic Games.

All that and British Brewing Towns, drinking Limoncello in Italy, Hemingway in Spain, diversity in beer, Minnesota moonshine, English sparkling wine, Cambodian gin, and the story of a former Yugoslavian President living on an island beset with giraffes, llamas, two elephants and a herd of Indian holy cows. The Queen stayed there once.

Plus, Claire Dodd goes to the Trinidad carnival. Rum will be drunk.