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Véhicule is the only journal for avant-garde transportation.

Véhicule is produced independently and ad-free without external influence. Its contents are the products of intensive, direct scrutiny making for a concisely tailored catalog of avant-garde transportation. It isn't intended for everyone.

At the center of the second edition of Véhicule is a deep dive into the underworld of offshore powerboating. Our investigation of the world's most dangerous sport starts in the 1970s with Ben Kramer, a South Florida kid with a penchant for living fast. In Miami, thrillseekers quickly found the tightly interwoven worlds of boats and drugs.

This is the story of Kramer's life and times—his racing and smuggling careers, business dealings, associates, ultimate downfall and how the American justice system twisted the murder of boating star Don Aronow against him.

This year's edition of Véhicule includes:

WHO KILLED DON ARONOW? The latest details in the unsolved murder case that has captivated Miami, and the powerboating world, since 1987. In the wake of our in-depth exploration of the facts, figures and personalities surrounding the mysterious slaying of South Florida's premier boatbuilder, we have gained exclusive access to key players with intimate knowledge of exactly what transpired, including a groundbreaking feature with the former lawyer for Aronow's alleged and admitted killers, only in Véhicule.

THE BICYCLE CLUB: An in-depth look at the original Bicycle Club casino, established by Ben Kramer and Randy Lanier.

BOB SACCENTI: First-hand accounts of powerboating history with industry legend and founder of Apache Powerboats Bob Saccenti.

KRAMER'S APACHE 47': Insights into the restoration of Ben Kramer's Apache 47'.

JUAN ALMEIDA: of Operation Odessa on Thunderboat Row's legendary Fort Apache.

JEFF KOONS designs for superyacht Guilty.

ERWIN WURM on sculpture and society.

HENRIK PURIENNE and immortalizing the moment.

HARMONY KORINE breaks down the boating scene.